Svitemblica Khus is Prepared from vetiver (Khus) grass which has a very pleasant and mild earthy, musky smell which has a cooling effect on the body and the mind

Health Benefits of Svitemblica Khus Juice

  • Anti Inflammatory: The very soothing and cooling effect of this Svitemblica Khus juice calms and pacifies all sorts of inflammations. But it is particularly good in giving relief from inflammations in circulatory system and nervous system. It is found to be an appropriate treatment for inflammations caused by sun stroke, dehydration.
  • Aphrodisiac: Svitemblica Khus juice produces an aphrodisiac effect. It enhances libido and gives arousals. Since sex has more to do with the psychology (brain) than the physiology, remedy for most of the sexual disorders like frigidity, lack of libido, impotence etc. lays in the brain. Svitemblica Khus juice stimulate those portions of brain and the problems are over.
  • Tonic: The effect of a tonic on the body is quite similar to that of overhauling and servicing on a vehicle. A tonic tones up every system functioning in the body, namely the digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, excretory system, immune system, endocrinal system, nervous system and the neurotic system. Thus, in nutshell, it keeps the metabolic system in order, rejuvenates the body, gives strength and boosts immunity.
  • Nervine: A tonic for the nerves is called a nervine, like our Svitemblica Khus juice is. It takes care of the nerves and maintains them in good health. It also heals the damages done to the nerves by shock, fear, stress etc. Further, it helps get rid of nervous disorders, afflictions, epileptic and hysteric attacks, nervous and neurotic disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, lack of control over limbs etc
  • Other Benefits: It also benefits patients of rheumatism, arthritis, gout, muscular aches, dryness and cracking of skin etc.

  • Directions:
    Ratio of Water and Svitemblica Khus syrup should be 1:5 To be taken 4 to 6 times a day.
    Pack Size:
    Svitemblica Khus syrup is available in following size
    Bottle : 880 g, 1400 g ,Plastic Can : 3 kg,P 5.7 kg, 6.5 kg

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