Svitemblica Orange juice certainly remains the most popular fruit juice in the world market. Finding its place on so many breakfast tables around the globe, this wonderful juice boosts millions of people to begin their day with full confidence. Further, having an honorable place in the refrigerators of many families, it proves to be a staple diet for each and every family member. An excellent taste that gets the morning off to a good start as well as loads of nutritional advantages.

Health Benefits of Svitemblica Orange syrup

  • Drinking a glass of svitemblica orange juice a day can keep the doctor away. Svitemblica Orange juice is known to contain a high percentage of Vitamin C, which is helpful in boosting the immune system. So, you will be less likely to catch various illnesses, such as colds or the flu.
  • Various medical studies show that Svitemblica orange juice may help lower both cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels, which are two very common problems among middle aged men and women.
  • Svitemblica Orange juice is thought to be very high in antioxidants. What this means is that this yummy juice may help prevent various forms of cancer, including breast cancer and prostate cancer.
  • Fairly large amounts of potassium, which is an essential nutrient for the body, can be found in Svitemblica orange juice.
  • Studies have shown that Svitemblica orange juice can help reduce the risk of heart disease, which is because it can help improve circulation.
  • Svitemblica Orange juice contains Folate, which plays a major role in the reproduction of new cells and can help with the healing process.
  • Research has shown that Svitemblica orange juice has antiinflammatory properties. The vitamin C in Svitemblica orange juice
  • works as an antioxidant - delays aging and age related diseases such as arthritis and Parkinson's disease.
  • Due to the antioxidants found in Svitemblica orange juice, many people believe that drinking it on a regular basis may help aid in weight loss.
  • Svitemblica orange juice prevents bleeding gums, hastens the healing of cuts, and strengthens blood vessels and capillaries helping to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Svitemblica orange juice (contains Vitamin C) also aids the absorption of iron, preventing anemia

  • Directions:
    Dilute one measure of Svitemblica orange syrup with five measure of chilled Water or Soda.i.e Ratio of Water and Svitemblica orange syrup should be 1:5. Add ice-cubes NO NEED TO ADD SUGAR To be taken 4 to 6 times a day.
    Pack Size:
    Svitemblica orange syrup is available in following size
    Bottle: 880 g, 1400 g, Plastic Can: 3 kg, 5.7 kg,6.5 kg

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